Rapidgold cocker spaniels
Rapidgold cocker spaniels



We are all about the predigree Cocker spaniel Kinnadie Lexi of Rapidgold (AWG) in NE Aberdeenshire. She was primarily trained as a gundog, to flush out game and work alongside the gun. She also now competes in agility and was absolutely built for it.... She is so fast, and we absolutely love it!


Both these kinds of work keep cocker spaniels active in mind and body. This, I believe, should be the motto when owning an active working dog breed.


The Rapidgold line started with Lexi and will continue promoting healthy strong built for purpose working cockers. The next litter will be around 2019


We also now have our own stud service. See MY DOGS page for more info on our stud boy. He will only be used on approved bitches abd must be identified by microchip prior to mating. No chip = no mating.

A very windy Sept 11th 2013

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Rapidgold cocker spaniels

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