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FTCH Rollafields Redbud at Naxshiven

We are using a top trialling dog for our second litter. Boots is a fully health tested FTCH in luscious gold and together with Lexi will produce top-notch pups. Due to their high driven nature,  these pups will ONLY be going to working homes.


Boots is clear for FN, PRA, AMS, GONIO & BVA eye scheme.

Lexi is clear for FN, PRA, AMS, GONIO & BVA eye scheme.

Lexi began whelping on the 5th of March at 5pm. First pup to be born was a gold bitch with all the markings of the sire and of Lexis granny Jessie (Fordyce Primrose of Kinnadie): white muzzle and stripe to top of the head, white chest and toes, and a white flash at the back of the neck. She was born at 5.45 and weighed 8oz. 


Second pup began to make an appearance at around 7.30pm however lexi was having trouble pushing it out so we went off to the vets for help. This pup was born with manual help between 8-9pm and was also 8oz. She was a very dark red bitch with a couple of white toes and a white chest the double of lexi. 


No further pups were born. It is believed that lexi conceived later than the optimum time frame from mating thus producing a small litter.


Lexi is a very good mum to her two girls, both are very fiesty and strong.




See our puppy pictures from Boots and Lexi here.


You can view this pedigree by clicking his picture.

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