Rapidgold cocker spaniels
Rapidgold cocker spaniels


A collection of recommended stud dogs. All are health tested and proven in the field.

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This is Poolgreen Gust of Greenfox 

Born December 2017

Sire is FTCH Poolgreen Diesal 

Dam is FTCH Jackshea Liz of Poolgreen 


http://www.greenfoxgundogs.co.uk/spaniel-stud-dogs.html Location Norfolk 


Max is tested Clear for PRA, GONIO, FN, AMS & BVA eye scheme. Hips 4/6=10

FTCH Poolgreen Crafty of Omahie

Born July 2014

Both parents are FTCH and liver in colour. He has run and won trials in 2018 very quickly making up to FTCH.


Ben is tested clear for PRA, FN, AMS ,GONIO pla grade 0 & clear BVA eye scheme. 

This is FTW Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook.

Born July 2011

Both parents are FTCH!!! Mother is blue roan. Father is golden. He has run in many trials being consistently placed 2nd at the end of last season. A hard hunting dog with a lovely soft mouth. Carries all colours including roan and tan point. .

Located at Breezybrook Gundogs. 


Sandy is tested clear for PRA, FN, AON, AMS & BVA eye scheme. 

FTCH Heolybwlch Denman

Born sept 2013

2 nd place at 2018 cocker spaniel championship and top placed dog 

Outstanding drive and trainability, very hard going sound in all departments, In the last 11 completed trials he’s finished in the top two 9 times proving phenomenal consistency.

Producing black, liver and Black and Tan pups so far.


He has tested clear for PRA, FN, AMS & BVA eye scheme including gonio.

FTAW Ardchonnel faodalach

Born Feb 2016

Sired by  FTCH Rollafields Redbud at Naxshiven.


"One of the many things we love about Jay is he always gives 100%. He may not always get it right but he is always a pleasure to have about. After a long season of training and picking up for him he ran in the Cocker Spaniel Novice trial at Empingham today. In rough weather and bramble he put together two nice clean runs and ended up second which we are very pleased with for such a young dog. He is the 37th cocker we have gained field trial awards with."


Located with Whaupley gundogs.


Jay has tested clear for  PRA, FN and AMS 

This is Jackalantern Hedwig. 

Born December 2013

Mother is black & tan and father is gold.

Quite possibly the lowest hip scored wcs standing to stud. Nice hunting lines including FTCH Sanford Black Mamba, and FTCH Danderw Druid, Wintonwildfowl and Larford. Proven stud, he produces quality trainable pups.

Located at Jackalantern Gundogs.


Vinny is tested Clear for PRA, GONIO, FN, AMS & BVA eye scheme. Hips 1/1=2.

This is Chyknell Corncrake At Kevelek.

Born Jan 2014

Mother is black, white and tan allowing ziggy to carry the tan gene. Father is the lovely black FTCH Dardnell Dealer. Almost an entire pedigree of FTCH's, this is an amazing stud dog. Previously sired litters of golds, blacks, roans and tans. Does NOT carry liver.

Located at Kevelek Gundogs. 


Ziggy is tested clear for PRA, FN, AMS, GONIO & BVA eye scheme. 

This is Lucky Lark At Kevelek.

Born Feb 2012

Mother is liver, father is black. Grandfather the fantastic black FTCH Dardnell Dealer. Archie carries liver, black gold, tan point and roan. Archie is an easy going dog who just wants to please. He's a very good working dog  with bags of stamina and can run all day.

Located at Kevelek Gundogs. 


Archie is tested clear for PRA, GONIO, FN, AMS, & BVA eye scheme. 

This is Future Legend of Fyrish.

Born June 2013.

Mother is black and tan and father is the lovely gold FTW Meadowsedge Ptarmigan.

Located at Fyrish gundogs.


Loki is hereditary clear for PRA, FN, AMS. GONIO pla grade 1 & clear BVA eye scheme.

This is Santiam Keizer

Born August 2013.

Father is liver FTCH Moelfamau Griffon. Mother is liver Galway Nymph Of Santiam.

Bali is a small and exceptionally quick dog who is fearless and stylish worker while being totally honest.

Many FTCH and FTW in his breeding including FTCH Argyll Warrior and FTCH Larford Cateran.

Located at Wernmoor Cockers.


Bali is tested clear for PRA, FN, AMS & BVA eye scheme.

This is Fineview Extrovertat Bryntail.

Born April 2011

Mother is black, tan and white. Father is liver and white. FTCH Chyknell gold star and FTCH Danderw druid lines.

Taffy is a compact, athletic, mid-sized proven stud. He picks up through-out the season, on a large commercial shoot. He has a lovely nature and is a good strong worker producing all colours: roan, black, liver, gold and tan point.

Located at Powys.


Taffy is tested clear for PRA, FN, AMS & BVA eye scheme.

This is Dunkeld Pheasant Phinder.

Born Jan 2012

Mother is black and father is liver. Previously sired solid colours. 

Very keen to work the beating line, not afraid of any cover. Picks up from grouse to goose, fantastic nose and often picks up many birds that haven't been found. Excellent around kids and is a lap dog at home!

Located at Stonehaven 


Hunter is tested clear for FN, AMS & BVA eye scheme.

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