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Agility is fun and fast and yes it IS addictive so BEWARE!


Although seemingly dominated by collies and cocker spaniels, all breeds of dogs can enter.

They must be registered with the Kennel Club either in the breed or the activity register, (you can download the activity register form below), must be microchipped and measured by an official KC measurer. Once your dog is measured you will receive your agility book and are then free to enter the world of Agiliteeeeez !


The Kennel club regulates official shows. You start at grade 1 and you can progress through one agility win or three jumping wins up to grade 7. Also, each time you are placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) in a class you are also awarded points: 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd etc. You can progress up the grades by earning enough points. There is also bronze, silver, and gold Agility Warrant certificates to achieve as your points mount up.


As you can see there are a lot or rules, regulations and different things to learn about. Not to mention learning the task of not crashing into equipment or running into your dog.....!!!


Activity Register
Register your dog with the Kennel Club to begin competing in agility
Kc Activity Register.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [704.2 KB]


We started training in September 2012 with Vynor agility. We started at a beginner level, once a week over 6 weeks, which we quickly became hooked to and did another 6 weeks. This second block then turned into summer training and competing.


As weve advanced up the grades we are now in the position to offer training at my field just outside Longside. For availability ontact me via text or through Facebook.


We aim to promote good quality, small businesses.

We alsp build and sell our own equipment, and buy the accessories from John's agility 

Some agility equipment used

The equipment: the sea-saw, the A frame and the dog walk are known as the contact equipment.

There's also weaves (6 or 12), tyre, rigid tunnel, wishing well, long jump, wall jump and regular wing jumps as pictured above. When entering a show there are two main types of classes: agility and jumping. Agility has all the above elements, jumping does not have the contact equipment.

Lexi came 1st twice at Dundee KC show in Feb 2014


The Kennel Club regulates shows all over the UK. These shows are where you can get your dogs officially measured. We are competing at the following shows:


See show list

There are also non KC shows held primarily over the winter  months to keep us going while the agility season stops. These fun shows are great to practice your training in the ring without the pressure of official shows.


We also joined the Scottish Agility League, The Gundog Agility League, the MadSpaniels Agility League and the LHO League where each rossette can be entered as points and added towards your total for their annual awards.. 


I'm very proud to annouce, Our Lexi won the Scottish Agility League, the Gundog League and came 2nd in the MadSpaniels league in 2014!

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